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Trial Time!

May 31, 2017 1:30:00 PM / by Jonny Cosgrove

Product Update

Hope you’ve had a nice month – we’ve been hard at work moving the dial closer to release on the next generation of enterprise collaboration – happy to announce we have news coming on that next month for everyone who has signed up for early access.

We have finished our first trials with customers, have worked with a great group from Trinity College Dublin and right now we’re closing the loop for first release. For now here’s a quick update of what’s been going on in our world.


Mavric VR,

Republic of Work, Cork


This event was back in March but it has carved a special place out in out hearts. Mavric VR was a fantastic event – let me just get that gush out of the way.

The venue, the speakers, the crowd and the chatter – rarely do you get the entertainment to sync up so well. The keynote speaker needs no introduction – Robert Scoble lit the frenzied crowd up in Cork’s homegrown Republic of Work kicking the one day conference off with the keynote. Picking up from his recent book, he wowed crowds as he pitched his take the next few years in tech.

Throughout the day we heard from some of the leaders in VR in Ireland – Ryan Mesches – Microsoft Ireland, Dave Whelan – Immersive VR Education, Barry Downes – Suir Capital, Nikki Lannen- Warducks, Enterprise Ireland, Gaia Dempsey – Daqri, Denis O’Keefe – Logitech: and it was truely fantastic to feel the energy from all the speakers about the new wave of computing that is coming.

To wrap up (we could write about it all day!), it was just one of those events that had a great mix of people truely excited about not only talking but doing, and in general it left a lasting memory of a great day.


RDS Dublin


ARVRInnovate is a homecoming for us, as Jonny & Abey met up here about 2 years prior and that rekindled college chatting of virtual reality and sci-fi discussions in the student union. This time around we were backing demonstrating for the packed house.

It was a great mix of people looking to try virtual reality for the first time, those experienced and looking to buy solutions, and those sharing their own virtual reality adventures much like our own.

It was a fantastic event for us to try out some new demo techniques, some sneak peaks at the meetingRoom platform and get talking to other like minded people in virtual reality from all four corners of the globe.

This event has gone from strength to strength with numbers jumping up a lot since we first mosied along, so we’ll be looking forward to coming back next year!


Olympia, London


Abey took to the skies to travel to London to represent us over at the Olympia, and the rest of the team were envious they couldn’t be there in person – it sounded like a damn good time.

Abey was speaking on day 1 on the development stage with his presentation regarding embodiment. There was history, there was research, and there was Yoda – Abey has gotten a lot of requests following the talk so we will be releasing a version later on in the year!

Day 2 took Abey to the closing of the show (yikes!) where he took to stage to speak about the future of VR:

  • How could VR, AR and MR evolve 5 years from now
  • What the future holds for connected experiences
  • What’s next: Planning for users accessories for feeling texture and tasting flavours


Rab Scott, Head of Virtual Reality and Modelling Group, AMRC

Other Panellists:

Luis Bollinger, CMO, Holo-Light

Rebecca Gregory-Clarke, Lead Technologist – Immersive, Digital Catapult

Igor Kovalev, PD IT Manager – UK, Ford

Overall, great conference, great energy and fantastic people all around – a definite date for next year’s diary.

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