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Feedback & Preparation

Sep 29, 2017 2:07:00 PM / by Jonny Cosgrove


This has a big learning month, with a lot more to come - we're loving it. No stop in site, you'll see what I mean below! This post is brought to you from our hotdesk at the NDRC

Product Update

It's been a busy September and we're happy to say the first pilots are now running on meetingRoom with users providing (lots!) of feedback so far. So far we have basic requirements out - you can meet your team online with an audio quality like no other.

NDRC Pre-Accelerator

We're settling into our home (Thanks to Helen, Dermot & Crew for the warm welcome) for the next few weeks at the NDRC. we've joined in with some great teams including Ticketchain, Go YetiAppetize, Property Basecamp, Calculate My Menu,  Jukebox, Locomote,  UclidCognition World, LyncMechanic and

LEO Innovation Investment Fund


We have been selected for the finals of the Local Innovation Office Investor Ready Progamme. A 6 weeks bootcamp aimed at helping us move on in our company's journey. Week one was kicked off by Greg Swift, Head of Enterprise & Economic Development at the LEO, and Eoin Costello, Digital Connector @ Digital Dun Laoghaire.

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